Kad Lanka Surveying Inc. is a professional land surveying company in Ontario, operating under the authorization of Association of Ontario Land surveyors. We are here to provide any type of land survey services to the public and private sector. If you need a service or free estimate for any type of land surveys please contact us.

Kad Lanka Surveying Inc. is to provide best survey services from start to completion the project as per our customer requirements and deliver on time using our extensive knowledge of survey using latest technology.

Why a Professional Land Surveyor?

According to Ontario law, only surveys made by licensed Ontario Land Surveyors are legal. Only members of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors have completed the academic requirements and practical training before licensing. Ontario Land surveyor can provide a professional opinion by perform the survey of your land after examine the documentary and physical evidence.

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Your Assurance

In cases of dispute, your surveyor can be an expert witness in court and assumes full professional responsibility for the accuracy of your survey. All licensed (cadastral) surveyors must carry professional liability insurance. The cost of the survey as a percentage of your total investment is small, and a reasonable price to pay for peace of mind.

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Purchase of Land

Typically, your house and property represent your largest assets. If you are contemplating purchasing property, you should know as much as possible about the piece of land you are going to invest in. Title Insurance is not a replacement for a surveyor’s opinion. Obtaining a Surveyors Real Property Report (SRPR) may be the most important thing you do before you close the deal on any purchase...

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